What does the word “Eonni” mean?
Eonni means “big sister”. In Korean, "eonni" (언니) is an honorary term that is used by younger females to address another older female that they are close to.
What does "Kbeauty made simple" mean?
We believe there is beauty in simplicity. There are a lot of places to buy Korean beauty products, but it would be ideal if you can buy every product that we want in 1 place. Our goal is to be the one trusted and complete online shopping destination where you can buy everything in 1 place. As we are still in initial phase, we are gradually adding more products to our catalog. If you have a product that you'd like but don't see it here, simply let us know. You can read more about the story behind Eonni in the Above Us page!
I am new to Korean beauty. Can I get some help?
We understand that the large number of products, brands and routines in Korean beauty world can be very intimidating. Connect with us through Instagram DM or email, and let’s chat! We’ll try our best to answer your questions and do the research for you. Consultation is 100% free. We are truly passionate with the Korean beauty world, so let us be your “Eonni” (big sister) in your skin care & beauty journey!


I don’t see the products that I want. Do you do special orders?
Yes we do! As we are still in initial phase, we are gradually adding more products to our catalog. So, if you have certain products that we currently don’t carry, please reach out to us via Instagram DM or email, and we’ll try our best to help you.
Is your product authentic?
Eonni takes product quality and authenticity are very seriously, we believe that they are important in achieving the goal of your skin care and beauty journey. All of our products are 100% authentic, imported from trusted wholesale supplier in Korea.
Do you have physical store?
Eonni is purely an online shop at the moment.


Do you accept pick-up?
Due to COVID-19 situation, we are only doing shipping. Sign up for email to get notified when pick-up is available again! 
Where do you ship?
We ship Canada-wide. we do not ship internationally at the moment. 
Where can I find more details about your shipping policy?
Please refer to our Shipping Policy page for details!
Can I do refunds or exchange?
As we are still in initial phase, we currently do not support refunds or exchange. We do hope to support refunds / exchange as we grow bigger. However, customer satisfaction is really important for us. Please reach out to us via email or Instagram DM and we’ll try our best to assist you!